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  •  Rosenberg (none)
    For somone who did a whole lot of great work during this election cycle, no one really seems all that fond of him. Any ideas why?
    •  Most likely reason? (none)
      They don't know who he is.
    •  War, free trade (none)
      He supports both
      •  Many people consider him DLC-Lite, too (none)
        I'm not sure if that's accurate, but...
        •  He's not lite (none)
          He's the real thing IMO.

          Sexy, sexy wonk David Sirota calls a spade a spade:

          Now an effort is under way to set this faux "centrism" in stone. One of the leading candidates for Democratic National Committee chairman is Simon Rosenberg, a former free-trade lobbyist and head of the business-backed New Democrat Network. His group is joined by even more organizations designed to push the party to the right. The Washington Post reports that a group calling itself the "Third Way" (read: "Wrong Way") is forming to tout "centrist" policies for Democrats. Instead of leaving the Beltway and holding a town meeting to gauge the pulse of red America's working-class core, the group held its initial meeting "over dinner at a Georgetown mansion." Instead of engaging in grassroots funding efforts, it is openly relying on corporate contributions.

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