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  •  13% Is the "Drivers Seat?" (3.66)
    First, it's not a poll, it's a survey.  They asked all the members, and only 42% responded, and more than half the responses were essentially non-responses.  

    Now, of those who self-selected--presumably most likely those who made up their mind independent of any affiliation, which would eliminate anyone in organized labor--only 58 picked Dean.  Nice showing among those who are declaring their preference.  But does it mean anything?  After all, that's only 13% of the voters declaring for Dean.  

    I think this survey means almost nothing.  

    •  My thoughts exactly (none)
      Dean leads among the 25% who bothered to participate in the survey. The other 75% could support Roemer for all we know.

      This survey doesn't tell us a GD thing!

      Dobson, Falwell, Bauer, Robertson, Donahue = False Prophets

      by Dmitri in San Diego on Fri Jan 14, 2005 at 03:28:26 PM PST

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