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View Diary: Dean leads DNC race (156 comments)

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  •  Exactly (none)
    Those are my thoughts exactly.  While Dean has a large number of positive support, he's got alot of negatives as well.  

    All it takes is another coalition of anti-Deans to sink him.

    If that is the case, I will probably happily never vote Dem. again.  And I'm not a green person at all, but this sort of fraticide in pursuit of an ugly losing streak is about all I can handle anymore.

    And...although I really, really hate to say it, I get nervous when Kos implies something is a sure thing.  I love this site and what Kos stands for, but it terms of predicting elections he's starting to rival Shrum.

    •  Keep an open mind (none)
      The DNC needs a visionary thinker and strategist, not a cult of personality.

      People credit Dean with revolutionizing Internet campaigns. I find that comical. The man himself barely uses a computer.

      Yes it's true he energized small party donors, but he did level off after an initial burst of success.

      I can appreciate his tough talk, but I don't think it's the message to win in the south or those pesky red states. It resonates with some but turns off just as many.

      He'll be any easy target for Rush and the FOX gang...

      talking point #1. Yeee-ahhh. repeat. repeat.

      Yes, it's bogus, but it's reality.

      Rosenberg, seems the most visionary, with less baggage.

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