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View Diary: Today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day (24 comments)

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           I too watched the Diary of Anne Frank on PBS tonight. I've seen the hiding place in Amsterdam. What got to me more than anything was at the very end when you go into a room and see all of the different translated copies of the Diary in all the languages. That's when I lost it. As well as a younger fellow that was next to me in line. We were both just looking at all the books and sniffling.
           This June I'm going to Normandy and Belgium. I've been to France several times before but never to Normandy or Belgium.
           I have a somewhat complicated heritage. I'm Syrian on my mom's side, Italian on my dad's side. But I have one of the very first original English last names. It's as white as snow. That's because my mom was married twice and her second husband adopted me so I have his last name. But my dad's heritage is not British. It's German and German Jew. He was adopted.
          It seems his biological father was a German Baron living in Pittsburgh. He probably got out of Germany before the Nazis completely took over. He had a Jewish maid who he had raped. The result was a child, my dad.
           This is the ironic part. There was a deal made. His biological mother agreed to give the baby up for adoption with the caveat that he marry her. So the word legitimate would be on the birth certificate. She of course was not fortunate to escape being raped but was extremely fortunate to escape the Holocaust. But she was German Jew so it is highly doubtful any family members living in Germany at the time had the same fortune to escape that horror.
          My sister is half Syrian and half German and 1/4 Jewish. And a Gemini.
          Remember the line from the movie Annie Hall where Woody Allen says, "My grammy didn't give gifts she was too busy getting raped by Cossacks."
         I found out just some years ago I had a grammy that didn't give gifts either because she was too busy getting slaughtered by Turks. Even though my mom's side of the family was from a town called Miklos in Syria, everyone was and still is Christian. Even the relatives still living in Syria today.
         In the mid 1970's my mom took me to Israel. It was at a hotel outside the old city of Jerusalem called the King David Hotel. A very old 20's French Art Deco kind of Hotel. It would remind you of Casablanca. It was there that I met the real Maria Von Trapp. I have her autograph. The only autograph I own.

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