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View Diary: Bill Halter comes out swinging - SLAMS (!!) Lincoln for bailout vote (193 comments)

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    I said the return thus far has been 8.5%, not that it would ultimately be a profitable venture.

    Which is why in the case of the Arkansas campaign (which is what we're talking about) it isn't the best line of attack for a "black and white"/"This is why I'm better than my opponent" type ad.  Beyond that almost the entire Democratic Caucus supported the TARP legislation, with MOST of the exceptions being conservative Democrats.

    I also believe in the end, considering the actual total cost (which as we mentioned above you aren't talking about) it will be a net gain -- just not purely in the sense of return on the money.  

    The thing is--it isn't the US Government's job to make a profit on taxpayer money.  TARP specifically was about preventing an almost unimaginable catastrophe in the economy (specifically the commercial paper market)... which is the Government's job.

    My god... just imagine if the only spending government was allowed to do required a net cash return.  I think literally every government program (including defense, welfare, regulations) etc. would be eliminated immediately.  What a nightmare.

    And now you are open to the possibility that in addition to being (a) Stupid or (b) Dishonest, it might also be that I am trying to be funny.

    Well, at least you're open minded.

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