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  •  The reason you don't see unions on TV (1+ / 0-)
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    ads in Wisconsin, is that everyone here already knows about that issue. Anyone leaning to the left or to the union side of things doesn't need an ad to tell them how to vote in the recalls. The ads you see now are aimed at the Republicans or people who might not vote in state elections normally. They might not be directly related to the union issue, but the budget is still going to effect their kids in schools. Believe me, we all know about collective bargaining here. At least that is my take.

    •  Pretty much. (0+ / 0-)

      We all know where we stand on the collective bargaining rights, and honestly as much as I adore the union, almost everyone knows that unions' issues are but what people are more unaware of is the other dangerous and harmful things in the Bill they past.

      It's really not a case of "IF YOU KEPT TALKING ABOUT THE UNION, YOU WOULD LOSE!" -- it's a case we already have the lines drawn on the collective bargaining issue. This is just a bad bill overall, and we're emphasizing on that.

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