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View Diary: Lowden's health care plan: Haggle over prices with your doctor (138 comments)

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    You know, this can be done--a close friend needed to get a CAT scan for his 10 year old son--not on an emergency basis (which is different)--but on an "next month or so" basis.  He contacted the four CAT scan places within 40 miles or so, and after indicating he was paying cash, got quotes from $1,700 to $5,300.

    He will also be seeing something on the order of a $6,500 INCREASE in his health care expenses under the abortion that was passed recently.

    That increase is on top of his premium (for a high-deductible policy) and his health savings account contribution.

    For a family of four.

    The plan sucks big time--it goes too far and not far enough.  Obama failed to lead; the plan was written by committee, and, most importantly, will not control costs.


    •  Most people here (0+ / 0-)

      are on Govt subsidized plans or academic ( govt subsidized) or large group plans. Usually you don't see many posts about $24,000 a year Health insurance with $13,000 deductibles. But that's what my friend is getting next month. Again people here suffer from a bad case of overconfidence just from having a bill pass without understanding the short term ramifications. Having the benefits start in 4 years while giving insurance companies open season to jam it home is far worse than what happens to the credit card reform bill.

      Most people will have gotten their re-pricings  pay private insurance  or small business insurance by Nov and the Dems will be gone with no understanding of why it happened.

      But hey, let them enjoy themselves. Many of these people here have never seen or worried about  a real bill for insurance or medical expenses so it's quite easy to to look at this "achievement" as monumental while blaming those public option people when all of the D's are tossed out of office for not not showing a united face in the great give-away to insurance companies. .

      Wait till financial reform comes around. Once people add up how much they have been helped by the D's they say "thanks but , I can't even afford a proctologist to see what kind of damage you people have done. Your outta here."

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