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View Diary: Obama should appoint a lesbian to the Supreme Court (380 comments)

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    through for me personally. I would totally applaud appointing the most qualified candidate for nomination, and would wish that neither her sexual orientation nor race nor creed would be the major factor.

    I do not know enough about the slate of candidates to make this decision other than on an emotional basis, which leans to selecting a candidate conscious that her sexual orientation would be a major factor in the politics of opposition rejection. The sitting judges do not have a say in the selection or confirmation process, the Senate does.

    The timing bothers me considerably. To have a major confirmation debate with the emphasis inevitably on the underlying theme of homosexuality, as was race in the Sotomayor process, immediately before the important 2010 midterms, is probably not the optimal  situation if the President wishes to maintain the majority. On the other hand it would have the effect of showing up the deep split in American public opinion regarding homosexuality. I fear it might overshadow the importance of maintaining the balance of the current court by guaranteeing a liberal judge.  

    It certainly would be framed by the mass media and the republcians as a deliberate thrown gauntlet. That is real politik. And my guess is that Obama will not take that route. He is essentially a prgmatic real politik kind of leader, and there are by no means a lack of other candidates.

    So this will become an emotional and progressive cause I believe. Frankly I had never heard of Kathleen Sullivan before this diary and Pam Carlin, although named frequently, I have not heard her candidacy couched in sexual terms. As for Janet Napolitano, despite the 'rumours, her nomination would lead to a national debate again on the Christmas bomber gaffes, aand leas to more opposition accusations of being light on national security. I doubt if the administration wants that either.

    My guess is that he go with the more frequently named Kagan or Woods.  But obviously I haev no idea and personally I would prefer the nation's energy go to maintaining the majority in November than tweaking the tail of the tiger.

    It would be open season. That is the pragmatic side of me.

    I have no cast in concrete opinion. I  fear this is not the best timing and timing is everything.

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