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View Diary: An Accessible Vision: A Joint International Space Exploration Scientific Exchange Initiative. (19 comments)

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  •  Orion CRV is insanely expensive (1+ / 0-)
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    for minimal capability. It is both a Rube Goldberg kludge and a smoke screen.

    If we are going to fly Orion, fly a BEO capable Orion. Otherwise don't bother.

    Same with the kero-lox R&D for HLV line item. If we don't need HLV then don't waste money on kero-lox R&D for a future HLV. If we do need HLV, simple shuttle derived will be cheaper than some future kero-LOX HLV.

    •  Actually, I see it as part of the tech develop (0+ / 0-)

      program, in many respects.  It allows for extended testing of hardware that will be needed for BEO, while we are securing LEO at the moment.  And it will  make a nice transfer to being part of a full BEO craft (which Orion really can't be - far too small).

      As for HLV - I disagree.  Shuttle will not be cheaper for operations.  May not even be cheaper for development, particularly EELV or Falcon 9 derived.  And it can be folded into the rocket production itself, if its either EELV derived or Falcon derived.  

      •  I am pleased by Obama's spinal fortitude on this (0+ / 0-)

        even if I disagree with the path chosen.

        Perhaps we shall soon see whether ULA imposes "cost plus" business as usual as the price for saving ISS from logistical starvation.

        If Obama prevails, then I shall sincerely hope you are correct, other U.S. spaceflight shall be essentially over, for at least a generation.

    •  I am posting this twice (0+ / 0-)

      because I think you should read it.  

      A Viable Commercial crew market by 2016

      •  Thanks and you know... (0+ / 0-)

        ..bottom line, money is IT and yet there is still a problem that perhaps big money can solve on their own.

        The idea of a Pulsed Plasma Artificial Shell: a force field, has been circulating among the scientific community since the 1990's.  In addition, the idea that the Earth's Core in relation to its surface and the area of space above that surface is Mother Nature's example of her own force field at work has bee around since Nicola Tesla first reasoned it as so.

        The fact remains, because of all the disconnect across all disciplines and nations, overall progress has effectively been lopsided at best.

        To be honest, a combination of private, military and scientific enterprise must have overt roles in the nature of Joint International Initiatives regarding Space and Scientific exploration in order for those initiatives to make effective use of  current technology as well as developing and working towards improvements of the same.

        But Politicians are the ones who need to put or at least facilitate these kinds of initiatives in the first place.

        Yet, in order for viability to really take lasting hold in such a hostile environmental I believe we have right under our feet and above our heads as well, what will most likely be the greatest discovery we have ever made.

        And we are going to need it.

      •  I saw that same article, Ferris (0+ / 0-)

        What I do not understand is why NASA buying commercial crew helps Bigelow.

        Why can't Bigelow just do it?

        If NASA is the anchor tenant, i fear the emphasis shall be on anchor, as in fulfilling NASA requirements shall make that taxi too expensive for Bigelow customers to purchase.

      •  A better question in response (0+ / 0-)
        1. Commercial crew as proposed by FY2011
        1. ? ? ?
        1. Viable commercial crew market by 2016.

        Can you explain step two, in detail and using small words?

        Your link above doesn't answer this question, it merely predicts viable commercial crew will happen, more as a matter of faith and wishful thinking than easy to follow analysis.

        = = =

        Now I also believe viable commercial flights to LEO could happen by 2016 even if NASA did not procure commercial crew to ISS and in fact I fear that NASA will pay such high prices that commercial crew shall be unaffordable to Bigelow customers.

    •  That's why many hands... (0+ / 0-)

      make for light work...many hands also makes the final bill much more affordable overall.

      In addition, if there were more of an International climate: more of a cross training of NASA engineers training Nigerian engineers who in turn train Congolese engineers etcetera the advance of technology would in effect be directly proportional to the level of global participation and cooperation developing similar systems for similar applications to the same LEO project.  Especially if we are going seriously consider colonization on a massive scale on those LEO platforms.

      Its one of those kinds of projects that becomes infinitely much cheaper the more self sufficient it becomes and subsequently, the larger as well.

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