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View Diary: An Accessible Vision: A Joint International Space Exploration Scientific Exchange Initiative. (19 comments)

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  •  Actually, I see it as part of the tech develop (0+ / 0-)

    program, in many respects.  It allows for extended testing of hardware that will be needed for BEO, while we are securing LEO at the moment.  And it will  make a nice transfer to being part of a full BEO craft (which Orion really can't be - far too small).

    As for HLV - I disagree.  Shuttle will not be cheaper for operations.  May not even be cheaper for development, particularly EELV or Falcon 9 derived.  And it can be folded into the rocket production itself, if its either EELV derived or Falcon derived.  

    •  I am pleased by Obama's spinal fortitude on this (0+ / 0-)

      even if I disagree with the path chosen.

      Perhaps we shall soon see whether ULA imposes "cost plus" business as usual as the price for saving ISS from logistical starvation.

      If Obama prevails, then I shall sincerely hope you are correct, other U.S. spaceflight shall be essentially over, for at least a generation.

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