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View Diary: An Accessible Vision: A Joint International Space Exploration Scientific Exchange Initiative. (19 comments)

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    ..bottom line, money is IT and yet there is still a problem that perhaps big money can solve on their own.

    The idea of a Pulsed Plasma Artificial Shell: a force field, has been circulating among the scientific community since the 1990's.  In addition, the idea that the Earth's Core in relation to its surface and the area of space above that surface is Mother Nature's example of her own force field at work has bee around since Nicola Tesla first reasoned it as so.

    The fact remains, because of all the disconnect across all disciplines and nations, overall progress has effectively been lopsided at best.

    To be honest, a combination of private, military and scientific enterprise must have overt roles in the nature of Joint International Initiatives regarding Space and Scientific exploration in order for those initiatives to make effective use of  current technology as well as developing and working towards improvements of the same.

    But Politicians are the ones who need to put or at least facilitate these kinds of initiatives in the first place.

    Yet, in order for viability to really take lasting hold in such a hostile environmental I believe we have right under our feet and above our heads as well, what will most likely be the greatest discovery we have ever made.

    And we are going to need it.

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