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  •  Dems failure to fund/reform Medicare. (1+ / 0-)
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    MD's main opposition seems to stem from payment and regulation problems with Medicare/Medicaid.

    This is the result of the last 30 years of GOP attacks on Medicare.  GOP, with Democratic acquiescence, has cut Medicare to make it less functional and to make people hate using it, both health care providers and patients.  

    GOP has done this by adding regulations but not funding them and by flat cutting funding of procedures to the point today that Medicare reimbursements are below MD's cost. Primary care doctors for Medicare being best example but it applies all the way to Medicaid for nursing home care being underfunded. Primary care MD's cannot afford to take Medicare patients.

    Democrats health care bill continues the destruction of Medicare, cutting $500B in Medicare/Medicaid funding when it needed to increase Medicare funding by $500B to fix the current problems of too low reimbursement.

    MD's look at proposals for Medicare for All and see a dysfunctional system and oppose it.

    Until Democrats face up to fixing and fully funding Medicare by raising Medicare taxes to make Medicare patients a paying proposition, health care providers opposition will continue.

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