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View Diary: In Lean Times, Military Spending Still Gets a Pass (19 comments)

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  •  One thing, Sally. In his campaign he did promise (0+ / 0-)

    to end the war in Iraq.  Apparently, we are still on course to be out by 2011, which isn't too bad (and our casualties there are down).  

    The thing is, he promised to increase the focus on the Afghan war during the campaign---not end it!  In fact, he said Afghanistan was the "good war" (as opposed to Iraq's "bad war."  (He did say Bush was doing it wrong.)

    I assumed he was lying about Afghanistan to avoid the charge of being a "peacenik" or a "weak Democrat."  And I was fine with that!  Come to the Presidency, we find out he was serious about this.

    (I also think you are dismissing his health care efforts to quickly, though it would be better in my opinion not to shift to another topic here.)

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