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View Diary: Dems are skeptical of government. Republicans want a Daddy. (179 comments)

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    The repugs are scared, the right wing noise machine all point fingers in the exact opposite direction to blame the liberals. If the progressives could find a way to redirect that fear, the repugs would cease to exist.

    Scores on the RWA Scale have been found to predict a broad range of attitudes and behaviors related to social, economic, and political conservatism as defined in the general culture at the time.For instance, the scale has correlated reliably with political party affiliation; reactions to Watergate; pro-capitalist attitudes; severity of jury sentencing decisions; punishment of deviants; racial prejudice;homophobia; religious orthodoxy; victim blaming; and acceptance of covert governmental activities such as illegal bugging,political harassment, denial of the right to assemble, and illegal drug raids (Altemeyer, 1981, 1988, 1996, 1998). Peterson et al.(1993) reported correlational evidence linking authoritarianism to a wide variety of conservative attitudes, including opposition to environmentalism, abortion rights, diversity on university campuses,and services for AIDS patients and homeless people.

    High RWA lawmakers also score higher in prejudice, and wish they could pass laws limiting the freedom of speech, freedom of the press,the right of assembly, and other freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. They want to impose strict limitations on abortion, they favor capital punishment, and they oppose tougher gun control laws. Finally,politicians answer the RWA Scale with such extraordinary levels of internal consistency, it appears the scale provides our most powerful measure of the liberal-conservative dimension in politics.

    Thus, a relatively strong relation has been established between RWA and political conservatism among political elites as well as the masses.


    Personality disorders affect millions of people in the United States alone. Patients with narcissistic personality disorder can be grandiose, attention-seeking and demanding. Those with borderline personality disorder tend toward self-destructiveness, manipulativeness and flash-flood anger.

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