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View Diary: Dems are skeptical of government. Republicans want a Daddy. (179 comments)

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  •  I think you're wearing blinders (1+ / 0-)
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    if you don't see a difference between the degree to which the republicans have the needs/goals of their base and Dems, theirs.  The fact that a Dem president unfalteringly perpetuates some of the worst decisions of the republicans (patriot act; HIR; faith-based initiatives, etc.) shows you how dissatisfied the Dem base feels.  Do you really disagree that the political discourse in this country (I'm talking about political initiatives, etc., not the media) occurs almost completely on the republicans' turf?  

    You are correct that they do not satisfy their base on the abortion issue, but they try to make women's health care as difficult as possible.  And they have the convenient excuse that they need to change the SC- surely, you will agree that the republicans have been responsive to their base in SC appointments, while the Dems get Stephen Breyer and gods-know-what-centrist we are likely to get to replace Stevens.

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