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View Diary: Dems are skeptical of government. Republicans want a Daddy. (179 comments)

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    The poll results parallel views of the media:

    Liberals hate it when the media fails to report the facts.
    Conservatives hate it when the media doesn't have a balance of opinion.

    And ever notice rightwinger's comments in newspapers or blogs?  They tend to be short and full of slurs.   Not that the left doesn't do the latter, but that lefties tend to insult differently.  "The Shrub's 'Clear Skies' is Orwellian" vs. "Chocolate Geezus is going to save the Obamasheeple."  Even in such short format the difference concerns the subject ("Clear Skies" vs. "Hero worship"), which is why so much of righty criticism just seems ad hominem.

    This distinction also shows up in the length of comments: RWingers tend to be shorter; liberals tend to explain things and pull out references.  Somebody really ought to do a survey of word counts per comment on the political blogs.

    Similarly, lefty opinions about government are about government -- policies and decisions as informed by the facts -- as opposed to governors.

    So I can't say that the difference between Dems and Repukes (just to throw in a slur...) really surprises me all that much: for the Right it's all about the personalities, the team, and who is on top...

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