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  •  flights are leaving from Norway today (1+ / 0-)
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    Mr SeeMore

    but not to or from England--yet. As it's election season the whole mess is also getting caught up into partisan posturing about how the 200,000+ British citizens currently stranded abroad are going to get home.

    I'm monitoring the situation hourly--my husband is stranded in Oslo. The volcano erupted on the first day of his carefully planned trip to the Arctic (he has a mobility impairment and chronic pain, so it was planned like a military invasion). All plans have now officially fallen apart, we have no idea how long he will be stuck there, and the airline is flouting EU/EC law by refusing him any assistance in terms of food and accommodation. He has 9 days of meds left, his cash card isn't working, and he's crashing at one of my former's students' apartments for a few days. Oslo is a very expensive city to be stranded in...

    So, I'm not liking this volcano very much right now :-(

    The only bright side is that a disability benefit Tribunal he was supposed to attend this week--he had told them when he would be away (the only time this year he will be away...) so of course they scheduled it for that week, and refused to change it, after he had left--will probably be adjourned because he has a pretty ironclad reason for not being there. He might even get to see his legal representative before they reschedule it!

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    by expatyank on Tue Apr 20, 2010 at 02:12:38 AM PDT

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