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    I guess that's why there's an Electoral College, and a House of Representatives apportioned by POPULATION.

    Seriously, though

    Rural politicians have been using that "Aw shucks, I'm just a simple country lawyer" routine since Abe Lincoln ran for the Illinois General Assembly by channeling Andrew Jackson ...

    It's not that they or their constituents are particularly unlettered or unobservant ... it's just that there's so many truly dumb city slickers who are willing to believe they are that it would just be foolish for want of sense to let them in on the secret.

    People who work the land ... indeed people who work FOR the people who work (as in 'own') the land ... learned the shortcomings of barter about a thousand years before they learned the drawbacks of the Gold Standard -- as in Populist William Jennings Bryan "you shall not crucify mankind on a Cross of ..."

    They know, for example when you trade goods for services, you generally DISCOUNT your goods to a wholesale price -- though you're only selling a retail quantity.  And how many butchered steers can one country doctor really eat -- assuming that someone too poor to pay the office visit actually HAS a steer to butcher.

    So ... while the Urban Proletariat of the late 19th Century hadn't a CLUE why "Free Silver" might be a good thing ... most of the horney handed, overall wearing rural people had a pretty good notion of how banks' management of money supply and credit operated to keep farmers and farm workers poor and indebted.

    So ... those rural folks of yours would have had to come down in the world a bit if you think they're really taken in by the notion that barter can replace the cash markets that have served them rather well since George III was King.

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