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View Diary: Glenn Beck's exterminationist talk (352 comments)

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  •  to play dummy's advocate..... (0+ / 0-)

    first off, personal revelation is an accepted tenant of mormonism, so despite how odd it sounds, it isn't a quirk specific to Beck.

    Second,  to his credit he ends every show with a Ghandi quote extolling non-violence,  he may send messages to the contrary throughout the show, but you have to give credit where it's due.

    To paint him as Manson, to argue that he purposefully incites violence, it sort of gives away leverage.  He hasn't seriously called for violence, he's spoken out against violence explicitly, and his listeners haven't been violent.

    Why give away the leverage of being reasonable by shouting down violence that doesn't exist when you can just as easily shout down the inaccuracies and stupidity that does exist?

    Check out "The Glenn Beck Program Program" on Youtube. We watch every day.....pray for us.

    by The Hoi Polloi on Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 04:48:30 PM PDT

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    •  His listeners HAVE been violent (0+ / 0-)

      People who have killed police and church goers and abortion doctors have his books in their possession.

      That's just a coincidence? It's just a coincidence that  a guy shoots some police because he heard that the government was coming to get his guns from Beck?

      I don't think so.

      He's Jack Lucas, only he's getting more and more bizarre.

      "Edwin! I told you about these people.
      They only mate with their own kind. It's yuppie inbreeding. That's why they're retarded
      and wear the same clothes.

       They don't feel love. They only negotiate love moments. They're evil, Edwin.

       They're repulsed by imperfection, horrified by the banal.....everything that America stands for!

      They must be stopped before it's too late. It's us or them."

      O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives. ::: Jim Morrison :::

      by Kevanlove on Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 10:10:50 PM PDT

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