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View Diary: GOP Sleight of Hand Re Finance Reform (12 comments)

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  •  au contraire to your instinctual contrariness (0+ / 0-)

    If I may follow in your contrarian footsteps. The GOP is making a BIG SHOW of being FOR financial reform.  That is because they DON'T want anyone to look at what's going on up their OTHER SLEEVE.


    And if you think a Supreme Court fight doesn't hold the public's attention, methinks someone hasn't been paying attention for, oh say the last 50 years.

    Otherwise, well-played.

    •  A Supreme Court (0+ / 0-)

      fight hold's the attention of political junkies, not the general public.  The public can dislike the courts, be for or against activist liberal socialist judges, or arch conservatives without credentials, but they aren't into the personalities or committee hearings in general and won't hang on for months as they did with HCR.  

      As for sleight of hand,  it is a distraction to keep someone from seeing what is really going on by looking at something else happening simultaneously, financial reform is likely to be over one way or another about the time Obama even announces a name, let alone gets into a protracted battle.  

      I am not a contrarian, disagreeing for the sake of taking a counter position.  I really honestly believe that financial reform can give no cover to the SCOTUS fight and cannot be slight of hand.

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