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  •  No insult to the poor, that's projection (0+ / 0-)

    on your part or something.  I was not implying that only non-adults are renters, just getting all the facts out there, since you seem to have a lot of bizarre views about who I am.  

    I live out here and I happen to know the facts.

    As I mentioned, my little midwest town of 50k has a car co-op.  It takes like four people to justify a car co-op.

    Pointless with respect to this discussion. Nobody's getting into a coop unless they think it will have substantial utility.  If they are all mostly homebodys and take turns driving one to Walmart and another to ShopKo and yet another to HiVee, that works.  Friday comes and one wants to go to Tahoe, and another wants to go to Monterey, and the guy working 4-10's has already taken it to go to Reno on
    Thursday, etc.  Not relevant.

    charging stations

    There are very few at all right now,

    Yep, making the Leaf completely impractical.

    with the plan to have a several per major city and one or two in strategically located smaller cities in every region it's rolled out.

    In other wrods, maybe eventually practical if you plan only to drive in the city and only selected routes, useless to the rest of us.

    Range-extending trailers run while the vehicle is moving

    Ah, tow a trailer, reducing range, top speed, acceleration and, essentially, running on gasoline or propane, and stopping to refill and having all the headaches of a gasoline powered car plus the inability to tow a utility trailer, ultralight camp trailer, or to use rear mounted bike racks and such.  Brilliant. Driving everywhere with a tow doesn't really appeal to me, and I doubt to many others, either.  I know, average commute doesn't require one, not relevant.

    Most lots in which people park, no matter what type of business they work for, have at least some spaces adjacent to areas with power.  

    In Iowa City in your opinion  Totally false where I live, in the local business district, and everywhere I've ever worked since maybe 1968.  Picture this - centered in a U shaped array of 5 massive 7 story buildings, no less than 50 feet from any building wall, is a large swath of asphalt with stripes on it.  No outlets on any walls and no hope whatsoever that the building management company that leases to the tenants will permit any idiot to create a grossly negligent tripping hazard and guaranteed lawsuit by running a 200' power cord from a ground floor office out past the elevators, past the door and into the lot.  Also picture this, Fred Smith goes to the local parking structure of which he is a monthly tenant, inserts his card, goes to the one spot where there is power for parking structure company use and plugs in.  When he returns, his card no longer lets him out and he is arrested for theft, misappropriation and a lot of other stuff.  He is eventually cut loose after reimbursing the parking company for the cost of the power and of every direct and indirect cost of having him busted, paying a small fine, losing his parking priveleges and becoming lifetime persona non grata at all ofthe 15 parking facilities run by that company.

    Curbside power outlets, no stealing, no relying upon some phantom imaginary on site goodnatured boss to hold a lottery among the employees for the daily right to create a tripping hazard, not simply some "exterior power outlet", but one that somebody can legally and safely use, please.  Oh, and In CA, not in imaginary Iowa.

    That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt -

    by enhydra lutris on Fri Apr 23, 2010 at 04:25:54 PM PDT

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