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View Diary: What's going down with Glenn Beck's ratings? (178 comments)

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    ..puts himself in the position of conducting yell-fests with wingnuts because in the early days of his tenure on MSNBC, Keith had a generic Republican vs. Democrat format & it (predictably) went to hell in a hurry.

    Keith has addressed this numerous times.

    As far as FOX & their ratings:  Why is hard to figure out FOX has the highest ratings when literally every Republican in America watches FOX?  There are millions of right wingers who think FOX is "the only real news channel on TV."  So when a whole national voting block watches one channel, that channel is going to have the highest ratings.

    Meanwhile, what few liberals even watch TV spread their viewing out.

    If a million people watch Olbermann, "nobody watches him." If 2 million watch Beck, he's "a national sensation spearheading a political movement."

    by wyvern on Fri Apr 23, 2010 at 11:35:59 AM PDT

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