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View Diary: GOP's New Prayer Guru Helps Incite Near Genocidal Hatred in Africa (123 comments)

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  •  I went back and forth... (18+ / 0-) I decided to split the difference and go with "near genocidal" - which it surely is.

    I'd add, by the way, that Uganda has been charged with full blown genocide for its internment of Northern Uganda's Acholi people.

    About two decades ago the Ugandan army rounded up close to two million Acholi and put them in squalid camps along the border, where both the Lord's Reformation Army and also the Ugandan army have been preying on the population, which has dwindled to little more than one million.

    Also, Uganda was one of three nations to invade the People's Republic of the Congo, in a predatory bid to loot that country's vast natural resources.

    The ensuing conflict killed roughly five million civilians, more than any conflict since World War Two.

    •  amending the definition of genocide: (0+ / 0-)

      Internationally, that definition needs to be amended to include the word "cultural."  That would cover examples that don't fit neatly into the other categories, but who are the targets of organized eliminationist efforts.  

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