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  •  Immigration (12+ / 0-)

    My thoughts on immigration are basically this:  let them come. Arguments against immigration that cite a strain on resources and language problems are specious. Let immigrants work and pay taxes, earn a living wage, buy insurance, etc. and the resources argument loses its teeth. You can't complain that they don't speak English and simultaneously allow their children to be bullied, harrassed, and otherwise discouraged from going to school.  You can't complain they are bad drivers and simultaneously prevent them from legally getting a driver's license. On and on. Obviously there is racism, fear, and greed at work here, but I personally am all for open borders. Then again, I think gays should be able to marry and serve openly in the military. That's just my live and let live mentality showing itself again.

    Also, if I was bringing up children in an area with little educational and economic prospects for them, and if I thought I could jump a border and give them better options, hell yeah I'd do it. Factor in idiots with guns, attack dogs, the potential for prison, and I'd STILL do it.  People have risked death to give their next generation a better future for centuries, so it's crazy to think our governments can hold back that part of human nature.  

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