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  •  Yes, we do care about Mr. Krentz (2+ / 0-)
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    CherryTheTart, Miggles

    and his family.  At least I give a damn.

    But I also give a damn about everyone else involved on the other side of the border.

    I also give a damn even more about the 4th Amendment.

    "Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people." - Heinrich Heine, Almansor, 1821

    by Jeffersonian Democrat on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 06:49:54 PM PDT

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    •  Soooo, YOU Speak for Everyone on this (0+ / 0-)

      thread, eh?


      I note you avoided my other rather crucial point: AZ is fed up and is simply doing what the federal government (under Obama) can't or won't do.

      Instead of dealing with a disastrous problem right here in the U.S., Obama stupidly has our troops thousands of miles away-- wasting their time, their lives and our money on attempting to make Afghanistan "safe" for Chinese and U.S. natural gas/oil companies.

      what a weak Load, very weak.

      "sorry" this is not change-- if you're buying it, then you're certainly not much of a "Jeffersonian".

      "Essentially, Obama is irrelevant". Paul Craig Roberts

      by Superpole on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 07:25:39 PM PDT

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      •  Meh, 1865 pretty much settled (8+ / 0-)

        the question between the states and the federal government.  I don't give a shit if they are fed up or not, they do not have the legal right to violate the US Constitution.  We settled that in the 19th century if you don't remember, and the states who objected were on the wrong side of history.  So you can take your AZ is fed up and, well, do the same as those other treasonous states

        Having said "at least I give a damn", pretty much narrows it down to just me, so no, I am not speaking for every one

        But you know, the violence still ain't shit compared to what I did and saw in southern Honduras and El Salvador in 1988 or in Panama and in 1989.

        If you can't accept my compassion for a rancher, then I say fuck it, but until you've walked through what we did to the neighborhood of El Chorrio in Panama City and  smell and see the burning flesh on twisted metal bunk beds ... don't even try to pull that bullshit with me

        "Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people." - Heinrich Heine, Almansor, 1821

        by Jeffersonian Democrat on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 07:39:33 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks for the preview of the republican campaign (4+ / 0-)

        for November.

      •  Under Obama? What did Bush do? (5+ / 0-)

        Or any other president before him?

        That rancher story is what they used to drum up that 70% support we keep hearing about in that Rasmussen poll. Oh no, a white man got killed, so now we have to throw out all the rules and take control of this situation. Be afraid everyone. We have to control the scary mexicans.

        This is racist, republican bullshit. How many Mexicans have been shot by ranchers in the border war? Do you give a shit about even one of them? I care more about that rancher's dog than the people pushing this law have for other human beings.

        The murders of the rancher and his dog were wrong and tragic. Whoever did it, I have no compassion for to be honest. But that does not give Arizona republicans the right to throw aside the constitution, or human decency. You want to stop the killings? Fight to legalize marijuana and reform our national laws to end this stupid wasteful war.

        using this kind of fear mongering to drum up support for racists laws is the tactic. We are familiar with it. It's a fight and you have emotion on your side, but so do we.

        Arizona is better than this. We will not let this law stand.

      •  Bush tried to attend to illegal immigration. (2+ / 0-)
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        Jeffersonian Democrat, JL

        The Diehards made it stop.

        So don't go 'it's all Obama's fault" on us. One: it inusults our intelligence and Two: makes clear that you are a Troll or ignorant. Which is it?

        I used to be Snow White. And then I drifted. - Mae West

        by CherryTheTart on Wed Apr 28, 2010 at 12:16:39 AM PDT

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