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  •  I'm applying for my passport today. (0+ / 0-)

    Step 1 in my search for a better country in which to live out the twenty or so years that are, at best, still possible for me.

    Before you blast me for "giving up" on the US of A, please allow me to plead my case:

    I'm now single again, fifty-five years old, and have no dependents except myself.

    I've worked to the extent I could to help improve things here, but quite frankly, I'm tired.

    I suffer from PTSD, depression, alcoholism (I'm sober now), and I need a new outlook.

    I can not see that outlook from here.  I'm going to try a new view.

    Should I find a different country that suits me better, I still intend to retain US citizenship, in the hope that progressive ideas will ultimately triumph over the current totalitarianistic status quo that this country is now suffering from.

    At any rate, I still intend to be buried here, in my hometown, alongside my mother and father.

    In the meantime, I owe it to myself to seek a better life for the relatively short time I have left to live it.  I intend to give it a shot.

    The question is not what, but who you want to be. --F.R. Prince

    by cn4st4datrees on Mon Apr 26, 2010 at 01:23:46 PM PDT

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