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  •  I am confused by your explainations (4.00)
    First, the examples you use are choices for breeding and have nothing to do with rearing young, nor do they answer whether women should be equal under our laws.

    There are many other strategies used by many species. Wolves for example. The alpha male and female have pups, then the entire pack contributes equally to the rearing of the young. Male Seahorses are given the eggs and are responsible for gestation. For every example you have, there are many other strategies used to accomplish the same thing. Strategies also change under varying circumstances.

    Evolution has also endowed us with a large cranium. This gives us the opportunity to actually use it to make decisions. Your examples remind me more of "Social Darwinism" which was NOT one of Darwin's ideas. I could be wrong, but so far I have not been able to reconcile your examples and how they relate to the modern idea of feminism.

    We can choose what we view as "equal". Women are not asking to be able to lift more or be seen equal in all arm-wrestling endeavors. But if they are doing the same job, they should be PAID equally for it.

    Are women and men equal biologically in all aspects? No. But I know many women that are more aggressive than I am and much stronger. I know many males more suited to raising their children than their spouses.

    I am male and consider myself a feminist. My daughter can out-think most boys in her age group and if she is denied opportunity to be equally paid because of her lack of a phallus, or if she is unable to get the career she is more than qualified for, I will be pissed.

    If you could please explain to me more clearly how you are associating Darwinism and Feminism I would appreciate it.

    •  Well, (none)
      I never claimed to talk about child-rearing, though I suppose I could. I was talking about pregnancy, so your wolves example is irrelevant.

      Comparing the seahorse case to our own is useful. In the seahorse case, it is the males who do the egg incubating. Just as I would predict, in seahorse populations it is the females who are more wanton, and the males are more reserved, since the males have more to waste on a failed reproduction.

      In most other species, it is the female who gets pregnant, the female who (out of biological necessity) is stuck with the fetus, and the female who has the most to lose from a dud reproduction. So in those species, including humans, it is the female who is more choosy. Humans' reproductive strategy is not like a seahorse's and never could be.

      If it's not clear how my examples related to my definition of feminism, above, (which no one seemed to like) I don't know what to say.

      Also, no one (except maybe a few religiously addled people) denies that women should be paid the same for the same work. The question is whether women are usually capable of the same work men are (or vice-versa). Women are characteristically not as good at heavy lifting as men, though there are always exceptions. I'll even go so far as to say that if the average woman takes up heavy lifting as a career she shouldn't be paid as much (since she'll be unable to do it as well as the average man). But for doing literally the same work as a man, a woman should be paid the same. Savvy?

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