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View Diary: Should Leakers Be Prosecuted? The Deafening Silence From Whistleblowers (152 comments)

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  •  You're confusing the issue (1+ / 0-)
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    Dr Teeth

    We're discussing the release of classified information that is of little use to anyone else except potential adversaries. What would you or I do with the plans for the F-22 (my example)? As an aviation nut, I'd ooh and ahh over them, but other than that I'd have no legitimate use for them. I can list a dozen countries that would love to have them, however. They aren't nice people and most of them could reproduce the F-22's technology.

    " I don't see how bombing the living shit out of countries that can't defend themselves is much different from terrorism. The use to which that information is put is a different thing entirely. That wasn't the subject of my comment. I think we can find ways to protect our country's interest without giving away things we shouldn't.

    If we're talking about whistleblowing, that's a different subject. If someone is exposing graft or other criminal behavior, then whistleblowing is entirely appropriate.

    "Ridicule may lawfully be employed where reason has no hope of success." -7.75/-6.05

    by QuestionAuthority on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 06:54:01 AM PDT

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      enough already, mrkvica, Uberbah, elwior

      I don't see why leaking schematics would be in the public interest in the first place, so perhaps you are also confusing the issue a bit.

      Now if we were talking about the creation of a new first strike nuclear delivery system, I think we can draw a line.

      A person working on the system can leak the existence of it without leaking the specifications of it.  Though the government may feel a strategic advantage from its classification, it is important that the American public be allowed to debate whether it is the direction we want our national defense strategy going.

      •  Exactly (0+ / 0-)

        For example, While we should have public access to the staff size and expenditures required for janitorial services in public facilities, we certainly don't need to know the names of employees or the type of toilet bowl cleaner they use.

        "Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it." Robert F. Kennedy

        by enough already on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 10:53:06 AM PDT

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