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  •  The Reality of Government Cover Ups (2+ / 0-)
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    It's hard to castigate tinfoil hats as conspiracy theorists when there is one sort of conspiracy governments at all levels regularly get away with.

    Because we have a legal process that focuses on winning instead of getting to the truth, petty bureaucrats regularly alter and create documentation that they think their bosses need to "win". It's easy to commit some minor perjury of dates or activities, and it's annoying for the lawyer on the other side to constantly nitpick. There are also numerous tricks used in depositions and even settlements. For instance, you can reach a settlement on part of a document, have people put their signature on that partial document as if that's the whole thing, and then re-insert any text that "wasn't discussed" for official posting: i.e., it will look like someone signed something they didn't.

    Another issue is getting information from investigations being conducted by other government departments. It's easy to delay investigation long past the time the information is needed in court. It's easy to avoid interviewing the people involved and just use random newspaper articles that support the desired position as an "investigation".

    The state of California has done all of the above just to cover up a mistake made by one of their leaders that would have received heavy publicity. The Federal government has done the same to avoid the legal ramifications of their mistakes. No one cares how much defenseless constituents are hurt by this. All the power is on the side of a massive organization, and constituents are just the little people who usually can't afford lawyers or get decent press coverage.

    It really makes me cry to see people scoff about "conspiracy theories" and "paranoia" when we are doing nothing to stop the little cover-up activities government bureaucrats engage in every day in the name of selfish CYA.

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