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View Diary: Not the first time Arizona faces a national boycott (244 comments)

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  •  I don't know why we are surprised (17+ / 0-)

    Local politics goes like this when a large enough group of citizens feels like acting out, like a raging two year old, is their only duty.

    No one can look at the drafting of this law and think for one minute that responsible adults drafted it.  Not only is it unconstitutional, but even on its own merits in an incredibly short sighted, expensive, and dangerous piece of legislation.  The provisions which encourage ordinary (white) citizens to sue their own (and others) districts and communities are designed to bankrupt Arizona's own taxpayers.  Even if you willed the ends of this absurd legislation--the imaginary vanishing of an entire subset of the Arizona population--this choice of means has to strike you as nuts.

    But it doesn't strike Arizona's majority white Republican party as crazy? That's because they've given up thinking that they need to live in a democracy and work with everyone in their state. They've also given up thinking that they need to worry about the consequences of legislation.  Elsewhere on the internet people are using the phrase "rule or ruin" but I think its even worse than that--its ruin for its own sake, like a child that breaks its own toy because it can't bear to share even for a few minutes.

    As long as the Republican party, and the citizens who make it up, prefer destruction to good governance they will simply watch the entire state driven into a ditch and then stand around pointing fingers and bitching about whose fault it really is.  Isn't that basically what the Governor just said when she criticized outsiders for boycotting AZ when AZ needs the tourist dollars?

    How she can imagine that any right thinking American citizen, of whatever color, would willingly travel to an apartheid state for business or pleasure is beyond me.  The very food, water, and air would seem tainted.


    •  Perfectly stated (5+ / 0-)
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      Just from start to finish.  This is a tantrum and desire to see a despised group of people (hispanics, documented and undocumented immigrants IMO) harassed and then disappeared.  Both the ends and the means are tremendously reckless, damaging, and hateful.

      its ruin for its own sake, like a child that breaks its own toy because it can't bear to share even for a few minutes.

      Just spot on.' New Science-Based Climate Change Agency

      by GN1927 on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 10:24:22 AM PDT

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