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    This statement is misleading:

    Voters failed to pass a state holiday in 1990

    The referendum to establish a holiday did indeed fail in 1990 -- but the true story is much more complicated.

    There were actually two referenda on the ballot: Prop 301 would have replaced Columbus Day with King Day, and Prop 302 would have added King as an additional holiday.  Supporters were instructed by voter guides and the media to vote yes on the one they preferred, and no on the other, whereas opponents should vote no on both.

    Do some quick simulation with a spreadsheet or tally marks on a piece of paper, and you'll see that it was designed to fail (referenda, as judgments on an existing law, are written by opponents of the law).  In fact, exit polls showed that the majority of Arizonans (~60%) intended to vote for a King holiday.

    The important implications of this are: 1) AZ voters got a bad rap that year, and 2) there's no evidence that the boycott had any influence over the electorate.

    I don't care about your farm or mafia! Oh wait -- wrong forum.

    by cardinal on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 09:58:56 AM PDT

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