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       Jack Boyd, a Princeton, N.J., consultant who helps companies look for sites for their operations and offices, said the anti-immigration bill could tip businesses away from locating in Arizona. He said Senate Bill 1070 is "definitely on the minds of our clients."

       Those that are particularly sensitive to the issue are food processors and manufacturing companies that often hire Hispanic employees and don't want to stress over checking their citizenship papers and facing the prospects of penalties, Boyd said.

       "There is concern among manufacturers, especially food processors, that this (passage of the law) could lead to some plant closings."

    [emphasis added]

    Anyone else seen Food, Inc.? What these manufacturers are doing is producing something that is "like food", but surely not food, using the cheapest labor they can find.

    Funny how these corporations are wary of entering a state that would force them to check documents.

    I don't support this bill, but I must say that this is just another one of those subjects where the conservative activists just don't understand that their corporate paymasters are playing an entirely different game.

    If only we could get them to see that NAFTA and the other "free trade" agreements are disastrous for not only our economy, but for immigration and the lives of millions. Instead they vote for insane measures like this one!

    /rant off

    To whom it may concern: I am an American citizen. Not an American consumer. I am a human being, not a variable in the capitalist system.

    by FinchJ on Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 10:52:25 AM PDT

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