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View Diary: Immigration law is definitely Arizona's Prop 187 (227 comments)

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    I have read many of the posts and it seems people are for the most part against it here.  So here is my take on the bill and on illegal immigrations.
     1. Labor is a commodity, when you increase the number of workers you decrease the worth of their labor. Immigration is a weapon against the middle class to depress our wages.  Is today was yesterday, same old tricks.  When the old miners tried to union up they brought in Chinese to do the work.  So yes there have been many times in American history where there has been mass immigration but it has always hurt the middle class.
    2. It is insulting when people say America is a country of immigrants.  Though technically true, it is true of every country.  My family has been here for 400+ years.  America has a culture and a history, do not dismiss it.  I am indigenous and want to keep America a good place for my children.  Perhaps the concept of borders is outdated and should be abolished, I don't know, maybe.  
    3.States have a right to run themselves. One of the great things about state rights is that we can see if local laws work.  I am very curious where the Arizona economy will go.  There is a lot of debate on the impact of illegals on the local economy, now we have a chance to see what happens when you kick them all out.

    Well that is mostly what I have to say on the issue.  I don't think it is unreasonable to carry an id around.  I thought I was suppose to anyway to be honest.  Now all we have to do is start kicking out all the visa workers and start seeing our jobs come back.  I am currently unemployed and let me tell you it is not an easy market to find work.
     Oh and one more thing, as a strong democrat I am not sure what I will do if the democrats block this.  I would be hard pressed to turn republican because they are mostly idiots but I don't know; I am married and have two kids and really need a job, so far the democrats are doing nothing about it.  

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      Gnash and Bear It

      It's almost completely ineffective at stopping illegal immigration, it's good only at harassing immigrants and those citizens that look like them.

      Our immigration does need reform - however just trying to keep people out ignores reality.  For one thing many people here in the border states have family on both sides of the border.  Do we say that anyone moving here needs to cut all ties with their families?  If not how do you keep people out?

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