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View Diary: Stupak's Revenge: Arizona First State to Restrict Abortion Coverage in New Exchanges (191 comments)

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    The people who are going to be SOL because of this change in Arizona didn't HAVE insurance before, so if they were getting abortions then they were either paying cash (which they can still do) or being "maimed by back alley coathangers."

    This isn't progress, but it's at worst a lateral.

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      AZ may currently have a bunch of private insurance plans that cover abortion.  (I don't know this, but stipulating.)  Many of these may go away as the providers shift to the exchanges, so that coverage will disappear.

      Now, it's pretty certain that the poor can't afford private insurance now, so really who's losing out on the coverage is the shrinking middle class who may be scraping enough money for private coverage.

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