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    CroneWit, ardyess

    Just because one or two conservatives have the audacity to admit that one part of their political philosophy is wrong doesn't mean that they're willing to admit the whole thing stinks from top to bottom.

    And what happens when a conservative show a conscious? The base, with all their ugly racism, lash out at that one lone voice of reason, and the conservative who briefly found a conscious is no longer allowed in camp.

    For conservatives to know why this bill is wrong would be for conservatives to understand why their entire premise for existing is wrong. That's why you'll only hear one or two voices expressing concern. I'm sure that there are more, but to argue that one can be a conservative and hold the belief that this bill is wrong would take brain power that no one on the right has.

    "In fact, Sarah Palin is just Snooki without the much-needed self-awareness." Amelie Gillette

    by BoiseBlue on Wed Apr 28, 2010 at 04:33:38 PM PDT

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