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View Diary: How Mexico Handles Illegal Immigrants (165 comments)

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  •  Clearly (0+ / 0-) has treated it as a source of cheap labor and been a very dominant power in the region. I'm not sure if "colony" fits exactly. What I mainly disagree with, however, is that our actions are necessarily an "abuse." My criticism does not make sense from an egalitarian viewpoint, though.

    •  We've taken their natural resources, more than (2+ / 0-)
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      1/2 their land territory, we continue to use their country as a safety net for our lack of manual labor needs....  Other than the fact that we don't have our military based there -- mostly because our political might and adjacency makes that unnecessary -- they are the very definition of a colony.  

      We use Mexico to enrich ourselves. Even NAFTA was more of the same - enriching US corporations at the expense of the Mexican people.

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