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  •  Shoe on other foot. (1+ / 0-)
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    Let's say there's a petition to protect women seeking an abortion by not letting the anti-abortion zealots stand right in front of the building to harass the women entering (or something like that).  Or maybe a petition in Oklahoma to repeal those horrid abortion laws the legislature just passed over the Governor's veto.

    Now, Randall Terry and his terrorist (yes, terrorist) organization Operation Rescue demand to know the names of every woman who signed the petition for his group to "educate on the sin of killing an unborn child".

    No explicit threat of violence there.  But anyone with a working brain knows that if Operation Rescue gets their hands on that list of names, everyone on it will be in danger.

    •  Look, I acknowledge there's a potential (1+ / 0-)
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      for threats.  But there's a potential for threats in a lot fo things.  We have a system in place to deal with threats and those to make them.

      This, as much as some on here would like people to believe, is not a position based issue for me and others.  It's simply, the names should be released.  That's it.

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