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    Healing the universe is an inside job. - Thomas, Mindwalk

    by roses on Thu Apr 29, 2010 at 10:24:54 PM PDT

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      A well-known ad agency once hired my firm to redo their data network infrastructure.  After we were done they sent us a standard tax form to fill out for their records.  

      What I faxed back (this was in the days of faxes) was not only the tax form but a black & white rendition of one of their ad themes refashioned into a satire about tax forms.  I wish I could say more about it but I can't without identifying the client.  It was quite funny though.  

      See, there's two sides to this.  

      On one hand, advertising is a major part of our cultural mythos, and some of it really does rise to the status of myth & legend, and an expression of our national character.  "See the USA / in your Chevrolet!"

      But on the other hand, we have got to reduce our consumption levels or we are going to cause cascading climate change that will render us extinct in less than two centuries.  

      Counting on technological miracles doesn't cut it: Einstein already gave us two: the photovoltaic effect (solar) and the general relativity equations (nuclear fission), both of which are vitally necessary and yet barely utilized to anywhere near their potential. Miracles we've got; what we need is the will; and that includes the will to simply cut back to a sustainable level.  

      Between the rock and the hard place, there's at least room to laugh at ourselves and our cultural obsession with acquisitiveness.  And that kind of laughter can help liberate us.  

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