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  •  A Bit Of Real In This Fantasy Fest (5+ / 0-)

    Obama and the Democrats have shown so far they are totally incapable of saying 'NO' to the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear lobbies.

    But why not give them something to say yes to?

    How about this:


    The "Orange" car that might have run on orange peeelings in Ft. Lauderdale never went beyond a preliminary design but the all-fuel engine is the motive force for many experimental vehicles including a race car that may soon challenge the steam land speed record in Utah.

    The experimental engines are being developed in Florida.

    Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are sites of pilot geothermal power development.

    Indonesia hosts world's biggest geothermal energy forum

    Countries from all over the planet were represented but not America as far as I know.

    We are too busy with dreamy stuff as well as fossil fuel development.

    Add in the solar and wind lobbies to the fossil fuel and nuclear and you have the recipe for continuing disaster.

    Best,  Terry

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