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  •  Point Taken (7+ / 0-)

    We chose long ago not to elect Pat Paulsen during the Vietnam War.

    Some here may remember the wonderful comedian whose shtick was his campaign for president.  Paulsen said as soon as he took office he would call up the Secretary of Defense and tell him to pull the troops out.

    Obama actually promised to prosecute the war in Afghanistan more vigorously in his campaign.  That seems to be the only campaign promise he has kept.

    Actual peace candidates do not have an enviable record of electoral success despite all the bluster from liberals.

    Best,  Terry

    •  It is the only campaign promise (1+ / 0-)
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      he has kept.  It was something that I was for also, but I'm in fairly limited liberal progressive company on that singular issue.  If there is anything that is telling about what Obama can do when he really wants something done, it has been the ramp up and the quality of that ramp up in Afghanistan.  All other campaign promises though he doesn't worry about. I guess he never meant those.  And even though we are a serving military family, that doesn't mean I can't spot Neoliberals from a mile away.

      I'm the Left that Rahm's mother warned him about

      by Militarytracy on Sat May 01, 2010 at 08:18:39 AM PDT

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      •  My Father and His Brothers Won Their Guerrilla (0+ / 0-)


        They were the guerrillas.

        I lost mine.  The guerrillas were the other side.

        Sure wish your family all the best.  I know the pain you have been through.

        We all think we know so much and know so little.

        Best,  Terry

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