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  •  Here's a few of the administrations $90 billion (4+ / 0-)

    spent via ARRA on renewables:

    Metal-Air Battery With 11 Times the Energy at Half the Cost?
    DOE Using CO2 to Extract More Geothermal Energy
    Top ARPA-E Funding to Renewable Storage in Liquid Battery
    ARPA-E to Pump Money into Nocera Biomimic Photosynthesis
    California to Get Smart Grid Funds to Bottle Wind which was part of
    Obama Announces New Recovery Act Smart Grid Funding — $3.4 Billion
    South Carolina to Lead US With $98 Million World-Class Wind Center
    To Wrap Around that New Battery technology, Cheaper, Lighter Cars From Carbon Fiber
    Govt Picks a Winner: Tesla Gets $465 Million
    President Obama: $800 Million for Biofuels and Flex-Fuel Vehicles
    President Obama Announces $2.4 Billion in Funding for Electric Vehicles
    Solyndra Solar Wins First DOE Funding which was just the first solar investment, then:
    US Department of Energy Dishes Out $87 Million for Solar Technology and Deployment
    Obama Unveils Largest-Ever Investment in Advanced Batteries
    Another Day, Another Humungous Renewable Energy Funding Announcement From DOE
    Obama Announces US $467M in Stimulus Funding for Geothermal and Solar Energy Projects
    Obama Commits $13 billion for High Speed Rail

    •  Sorry no time to link, but (0+ / 0-)

      just google the titles

    •  Most of that is chump change compared to (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      shpilk, NoMoreLies

      the $54 billion in loan guarantees for nuclear power.

      Sorta makes "$98 Million World-Class Wind Center" look like the sucker prize.

      We could expect and get so much more!

      And yes, I know that we will see results down the road, and it all adds up,  and I support all these projects. It's just that their scale, even the High Speed Rail, is dwarfed by his 'investment' of our tax dollars in one huge, heavily-lobbied industry.

      And my stand on that industry is well known; the 'new' nuclear industry is new and improved just like the offshore oil industry is new, safe and improved. I wasn't born yesterday, my father's a nuclear physicist, and damn, I've been hearing the same crap about this since I came to consciousness enough to understand it back in the 60's. And it's always 'new' and 'improved' and coming any day now. I'll believe it when the waste storage problem is solved first. Ha, ha, ha! MHO.

      And.....cue the reaction in 3,2,1....

      Life is a school. Love is the lesson.

      by means are the ends on Sat May 01, 2010 at 10:11:30 AM PDT

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