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View Diary: Florida DNC members endorse Dean en masse (80 comments)

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  •  Democrats Abroad (none)
    slightly OT here. Why in God's name do they have like six DNC voting members and Florida only has eleven? Talk about messed up representation.
    •  Well... (none)
      Democrats Abroad is firmly in Dean's column...

      and there are millions of registered Democrats abroad.

    •  Everyone gets four (none)
      I'm pretty sure that every DNC chapter gets four voting members, and then additional members are in proportion to population.  Dems Abroad, with a population of ~6 million, earns an extra two; Florida's 17 million people get an extra seven.

      The most over-represented people in the DNC are probably the 60,000 residents of American Samoa, who have four votes; Guam's population of 166,000 would be next in line.

      •  A correction (none)
        I've just learned that Democrats Abroad only has two votes in total:  The eight (!) voting members each get one-quarter of a vote.  Guam and American Samoa get four members with half a vote each.

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