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  •  well, I think my point is that when their (1+ / 0-)
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    interests are in play (in the case of the oil spill, economic impact alone ~ they could give a crap about the bird sanctuaries  but the fisheries and fishermen are an important contingency) they will scream bloody hell that the government is inept in their ability to solve the problem RIGHT NOW. They will disregard the fact, out of hand, that BP was insisting they had everything under control when telling the government what was up until April 28th. Keep in mind that government regulation is minimal due to this insistence of staying out of the free market.

    Now our response is the opposite. Screw what BP was saying. The government should have ignored them but all indications are that BP were the only ones with the proper equipment to adequately tell what was really going on down there. Our government resources in the Coast Guard apparently don't have submersibles that can reach that depth. So we have to rely somewhat on what BP was saying (we have to accept or trust their information due to technology inefficiencies of our own government).

    In the end, those who hate THIS administration (not necessarily a republican administration) will use this catastrophe to point out the inefficiencies of government responsibility in RESPONSE. Our side will point government inefficiencies in regulation that could have PREVENTED this. I think we all recognize that the government is pulling in all resources to respond.      

    I don't believe in fear; I'm a liberal.

    by yawnimawke on Sun May 02, 2010 at 07:57:08 AM PDT

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