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    mama jo

    And white, and middle-class and semi-affluent. But if I cross the border into the US and then just stay - and get caught at it, will that be ignored? I very much doubt it. I will be sent home, pronto. If I wanted to immigrate to the States, I would likely not be accepted as I am a senior.
    On the southern border it is ignored because the cheap labor is wanted.

    As I see it, from another country, Americans don't want the Mexicans in the US, but they are so used to cheap labour they ignore the immigration laws. It all comes down to money.

    An aside. Here in Canada I pay $30 to $50 an hour for window washers, garden maintenence, and house cleaning. People make a good living doing these things, and sometimes I wait a couple of weeks because these workers are busy.
    We do have problems with farm workers, though - especially Indo-Canadians who are frequently exploited. At least once a year a large van full of workers crashes on the freeway taking workers to the fields - no seatbelts, overcrowded, bare tires and poor brakes, and many are killed. They work in poor conditions for poor wages.

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