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View Diary: Who I am Voting for in the PA Primary...and Why (39 comments)

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  •  I'd love to agree with you about Sestak... (1+ / 0-)
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    but I just can't. Unfortunately, Darlin' Arlen is all that separates us from Santorum, the Sequel.

    If you could show me tangible evidence -- say, a poll -- that shows me that Sestak has a better chance of prevailing in November against Toomey, then I'll gladly vote for Sestak in the primary.

    I agree with you on Onorato, though. To be honest, I think Corbett's going to be tough to beat. As a Pennsylvanian, you know we like to switch between parties every eight years for governor. Well, it's the GOP's turn.

    •  Don't do polls.... (2+ / 0-)
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      joanneleon, qwertyuiop

      I read polls, but I don't find them to be accurate this far out, and I make my decisions in SPITE of polls, and I have a pretty good track record.

      Here's the thing: if you look at who voted for Specter in the past, you'll find a solid mixture of Ds, Rs and others. He came a hair from getting trounced by Toomey in the last primary, and THOSE people will be out again, and not for Specter. And remember, that was a presidential year when turnout was much higher than it will be this year. A lot of people who voted for Specter in '04 will be staying home.

      If you look at the polls (you could use Pollster) you'll see that while Toomey beats both D candidates, the spread of his win is closing relative to Specter v Sestak. Arlen had had double digit leads over Sestak, but that has narrowed to 6 points since the ads started running. There is no reason to assume that Sestak won't also have better numbers against Toomey once it becomes a 2 man race, and he gets more name recognition.

      One of the other things about Specter is that he's begun to question his change to the Democratic Party.

      My greatest concern about him is that he wins, and then switches back. It wouldn't be the first time -- that's EXACTLY what he did in 1965.

      I'm voting for an actual Democrat.

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