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  •  How long do you think it would be (none)
    before the RNC worked up talking points about "even the DNC Chair wants to be a Republican?" And trotting out those images as proof.

    I'm guessing about 60 seconds after he won the position.

    Zephyr Teachout must recant.

    by boadicea on Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 05:02:13 PM PST

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    •  and in 60 seconds you can explain it (none)
      Martin Frost joined all but nine members of congress (including Kay Bailey Hutchison, John McCain, Dennis Hastert, and nearly all (if not every) Democrat) in supporting reinforced cockpit doors, putting air marshalls on our airplanes, toughening security in our airports and ensuring that our baggage screeners are top-notch professionals.

      Pete Sessions voted no.

      The ad was designed to show that Martin Frost was in the mainstream, and that Pete Sessions was an extremist.

      Burnt Orange Report: News, politics and fun from deep in the heart of Texas.

      by ByronUT on Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 05:20:01 PM PST

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      •  It wouldn't matter (none)
        What he said to explain it. I have such little faith in the honesty of the media, that it would continue to be Frost the chair of the DNC, who supported President Bush on this point and this point and this point...
        Just like when they talk about Social Security now it is all about "reform" and not privatization. It is all in what the media would say and matters not one lick how Frost would attempt to explain it away.
      •  All absolutely acceptable answers (4.00)
        In some other race.

        Those images will speak louder than any words. That's what they were designed to do.

        This is a demonstration of the Law of Unintended Consequence.

        Which is a bitch, but cannot be ignored.

        Zephyr Teachout must recant.

        by boadicea on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 06:34:33 AM PST

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    •  I can accept Frost's explanation for these. (4.00)
      That doesn't mean I want him as DNC Chair, but he does provide some important context.

      The question I have about "who made these ads" is the same as I had in the last thread -- that is, who really made these ads?

      I'm talking about the media consultants who've saddled their client with this unintended baggage. Because they're probably making ads for many more Democrats than just Martin Frost, and should Frost head up the DNC, they're probably going to take home a major chunk of DNC, DCCC, DSCC, and DGA money.

      To that end, I'll provide the information I provided last time: the answer, I would guess, is the Democratic media consulting firm of Strother-Duffy-Strother, who still list Frost among their clients, and who were paid $92,208 by Frost during his last race.

      Fire all the consultants?

      Already done, once. (Pardon the google cache -- the original's long gone.)

      The whole Democratic Caucus wanted those guys out on their asses for their very expensive, demonstrated inability to help Democrats win competitive races. Now they've helped Martin Frost lose an admittedly non-competitive race.

      Will Martin Frost bring them back to our doorstep?

      •  So, with such strong ties to Martin Frost (none)
        These consultants would be in the thick of everything again?

        Here's the list of clients they're publicizing their work for:

        Senator Gary Hart for President
        Senator Al Gore for President
        '88 Super Tuesday Team
        Governor Bill Clinton, '84, '88 (AR)
        Governor Mike Lowry, (WA)
        Governor Mark White, (TX)
        Governor Martha Lane Collins, (KY)
        Governor Buddy Roemer, (LA)
        Governor Roy Barnes, (GA)
        Senator Mary Landrieu, (LA)
        Senator Blanche Lincoln, (AR)
        Senator Lloyd Bentson, (TX)
        Senator Zell Miller, (GA)
        Senator John Breaux, (LA)
        Senator Bennett Johnston (LA)
        Senator John Stennis, (MS)
        Senator Jim Exxon (NE)
        A. G. Bob Butterworth (FL)
        A.G. Jimmy Evans (AL)
        A.G. Rufus Edmisten (NC)
        A.G. Richard Ieyoub (LA)
        A.G. Lacy Thornburg (NC)
        U.S. Rep. Martin Frost, (TX)
        U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, (CA)
        U.S. Rep. John Lewis (GA)
        U.S. Rep. Lloyd Dogget (TX)
        U.S. Rep. Bud Crammer (AL)
        U.S. Rep. Ronnie Shows (MS)

        Prominently feature losing campaigns or ones from over 20 yrs ago is not my idea of trendsetting.

        I don't know parse anything else much (except that Rep Doggett did retain his seat this time, as did Senator Landrieu.

        What else does this tell us, if anything?

        Though, Martin Frost's race was extremely competitive. Choosing a DLC Centrist campaign was not a surprising strategy for it.

        But now, we have to deal with what's before us.


        Zephyr Teachout must recant.

        by boadicea on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 06:48:01 AM PST

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