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  •  I suspect the sky is green, but that doesn't make (none)
    it fact. The truth is that that these things are dispositive. If you want to point out similar things about Dean in a diary, I challenge you to do so. The same holds true for Rosenberg. I don't have a vote, but I would like to know. I, for one, do want to know the history of these men. I also agree that their ability to be partisan is a big factor in all of this. Which, you, as someone disparaging the length of service of other Democrats, one would think would also like to know these factors.  Could Frost still be a good candidate? Maybe, I don't know. But, it's n ot looking good. Not just because of Kos's allegations, but because from what I am reading, Frost is not about reforming the party organization. Which, I assume even you must realize hurt us in 2004? Let me give you example- in Ohio- the fact is there is no reason why the Republicans should have recruited 3500 challengers and we were caught by surprise by this. This was a question of not having a strong organization from what I understand in the state. We need people who get this. Point me to some substantive background in an executive capacity to show that Frost gets the idea of reform. I have heard about it with Rosenberg and Dean. I have heard Fowler indicate he is interested in it. But, what about Frost. Finally, as I told Jacinto, loyalty, at least where I come from down South, does count for something.

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