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    In the heat of an election can you ever imagine Clinton sticking an ad up with him and Ginrich saying how sweet they were or each other? Maybe this did happen, but I don't remember it. There is also, as Kos has said, and I agree, the minor issue of what loyalty here means. In a deeply partisan role loyalty  means something different than even running from President where you are suppose to represented all the people once elected. Look, for what it's worth, I don't think this should eliminate Frost from consideration entirely, but it does give one reason to doubt. You can ignore those doubts, if you are a supporter, at your peril. But, when people are looking for leadership toward reform (not toward left or right, but reform) they are going to be more cynical than in the past. THey want to see that the candidate's get it. This can't be pay back for good service as others have mentioned.

    It has to be that they truly do want to change the party. For example, I poll monitored during the election cycle, and, our organization paled in comparison to the Republicans down to simple things like having the proper paper work to enter the polls and having hierarchy of communication. This shouldn't happen. There needs to be a better machine. There right now isn't.

    The question is does your guy understand this, and what will he do about it (assuming he is your guy). We are looking for indicia of him getting this. For example, both Dean and Rosenberg have a history (even if we don't agree with them on everything) of at least addressing revitalizing the party through their involvement in DFA and NDN.  This- if you want to talk to people is where you should start. There is a reason why several state chairmans across the country are coming out in support of Dean- that's because I think maybe they see him as a chance for revitalization of the party. How will Frost aid in this revitalization?

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