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  •  A big red "F" on his chest, no doubt. (none)
    Look, you need to support your arguments if you want to have them taken seriously.

    Particularly this one:

    The Dean campaign, and his nascent political group, have been disasters in all those respects.  On making decisions to guide his own campaign, he failed miserably.  The candidates his PAC endorsed, by in large, failed miserably.  The misuse of, what seemed to be an unending supply of money, was embarassing and shocking.

    Frost's turn at the DCCC chair was before the current corporate money limits were enacted. So the money approach will need to be different. What else did he do with success as DCCC chair?

    Zephyr Teachout must recant.

    by boadicea on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 10:12:04 AM PST

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    •  Democracy for America's winning percentage (none)
      "Democracy for America, backed or contributed to hundreds of candidates around the country, the group's Web site lists 101 candidates as members of "Dean's Dozens." Of those 101 candidates, just fewer than one third, 32, won. That's not the kind of percentage that the Democrats are aiming for, whether in state legislatures or Congress.

      More importantly, Dean's Dozens included more than a handful of candidates who had little or no chance of winning, such as Congressional hopefuls Lois Herr (34 percent in Pennsylvania's 16th district) and Melina Fox (31 percent in Indiana's 6th)."- from Roll Call 1/10/05

      Honestly, I'm for Rosenberg.  I think we need political pros, not wedded to the entire class of DC consultants.  The most recent elected officials who have headed either the RNC or DNC have been less than stellar (Dems such as Rendell, Dodd, and Roy Roemer as well as Gov. Gilmore on the GOP side).  Bob Strauss and Ron Brown did more for our party as outsiders then any of the governors, senators, or Congressmen have.

      All I want is some critical thinking on the part of Deaniacs.  It just seems that they accept their guy without hesitation, and any talk the other way makes a person "Republican light" or squishy.  

      •  Apparently, YDisasterMV (none)
        Because DFA was building up rather than working from an existing structure (like the party structure)  so I think getting the numbers of people involved counts as a success.  Many of the people (from their own report) being inspired to get actively political by Dean's candidacy among other factors.

        Not just election results are to be considered here. People from DFA are getting involved in their local party.  DFA is promoting local work and community organization in a way that seems to me to be a model for getting new life into local Dem structures. (I never did get any response when I tried to contact the Dems during the election at either the state or county level.)

        Dean inspires better than almost anyone else on the candidate list across the board.  The enthusiasm here, while being derided yet again by people looking to derail Dean's candidacy, is a measure of that. It's as valuable in its own way as fundraising is.

        What it boils down to in this selection of party chair is the question of "reform"  or "keep on keeping on". I think Rosenberg (I really like what he accomplished with NDN this election, for example) and Fowler are also reform candidates, which is what I'm looking for in the next DNC chair.

        BTW, assuming that everyone with any enthusiasm for Dean is a "Deaniac" is an exercise in reductionism that is annoying and counterproductive.   Just pegs the twit-o-meter and makes you look like an ABD-iac.

        Zephyr Teachout must recant.

        by boadicea on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 12:09:06 PM PST

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