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  •  my point was about the form of leadership (none)
    not the substance of leadership. There are somethings you aren't going to change. I was being cryptic b/c I am at work. if you want to understand more fully what I mean go look at a diary that I wrote about leadership, how Bush and Newsome (the Mayor of SF) are in fact very similar. Indeed, in someways, the connection people feel with Dean is very similar to the connection that Bush supporters feel with Bush. These are about qualities of leadership, not policy. Your statement seemed like you had a problem with the nature of how we look at leaders. My point to you, if your goal is policy change, to focus on that rather than also fighting the nature in which we look at leaders. In other words, take some advice a friend of mine gave me once- Don't ran into town on the horse backwards. figure out what your goal is or at the very least what is more important you. Is it more important to you to change the way Americans see leadership or is it important to shift the paradigm from moving right to moving left? My point is that you can fight for one, or the other, but not both because energy and time wise you can waste a lot of time railing against what is partly human nature, and partly historically how people look at leadership. Again, if you are curious look at my diary, because I am doing this pretty fast at work.

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